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Ag & Culture Video Series

Ag & Culture Video Series

The Ag & Culture video series provides a behind-the-scenes view into the operation of a given farm or agribusiness. The videos are geared toward educating consumers about how their food and fiber is produced, in addition to highlighting the farm families that makeup the agriculture industry.

The individuals featured in the series are not only upstanding members of their communities, advocates for agriculture and savvy business owners, but also Farm Credit customer-owners. Each of the producers featured in the series leverages Farm Credit’s cooperative structure and flexible financing to meet their operational goals. Many of the business owners highlighted in the series also take advantage of Farm Credit Knowledge Center programming to grow their knowledge base relating to the agriculture industry and keep a pulse on industry trends.

Latest Ag & Culture Episode: Vittone Farms (Bedford County, VA)

Archived Ag & Culture Episodes

CW's Corn Maze

Hillview Farm

Stone House Lavender
Greenmount Heritage LLC
Colby Gearhart
Bob's Market & Greenhouses
Wood Ridge Farm Brewery
Harmony Harvest Farm

Laurel Springs
Rappahannock Cellars
Valley Pike Farm
Jeter Farm
Perk Farm Organic Dairy