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Basics of Agricultural Advocacy

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The goal of advocating is to provide information about agriculture so that others can make informed decisions.  But how does one accomplish this and do so effectively?  Our Basics of Agricultural Advocacy portal will give you the tools you need to establish your story and the steps to take to effectively communicate it to others. This portal contains:

  • Educational videos from a line-up of experienced advocates
  • Quick Start guide so you can establish your story
  • Access to additional resources on the topic

This portal will provide you with everything you need to be an effective advocate for agriculture from your local community all the way up to your state capitol.

Advocacy, or “ag”vocacy is a term that you hear a lot in agriculture now, and for good reason.  With less than 2% of the population involved in production agriculture, and an ever shrinking number of consumers with exposure to how their food and fiber is produced; we need to advocate for the agriculture industry.  But the “how” is sometimes a challenge.  After all, what is a productive conversation and what does advocacy really look like?  The Knowledge Center is here to help you sort through it all.

Educational Videos

  • Listen to Kelly Roberts as she discusses how to tell your story effectively and authentically. 
  • Learn how important it is to focus on the strength of what you know and how to do that well with Jacyln Wilson.
  • Learn about effective communication using social media platforms with Emily Solis.


Legislative Advocacy

Advocating at the State Level - Navigating Legislative Sessions Tip Sheet 

Printable Resources

Advocacy Pocket Card

Agriculture Works - Infographic

Farmers and Consumers: How to Connect - Infographic

"Ag"vocacy Quick Start Guide: (Downloadable)


Additional Resources

Sites to utilize for gathering information on your agriculture topic:


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