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Weed Identification and Management

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Management of weeds in hay and forages is an important task in agriculture. Research, knowledge and planning are the best defenses a farmer can have in the ongoing control and management of invasive species.

This portal contains:

  • An educational video, presented by Matt Booher, Virginia Cooperative Extension, covering:
    • Weed identification
    • Seasonality
    • Management
  • Management resource guides

This portal will give you a deeper understanding of how to identify common weeds in Virginia, herbicide use and application suggestions. This portal is appropriate for producers or anyone needing information and resources to manage pasture and forages.

Educational Video

Listen to Matt Booher as he discusses weed identification, seasonality, and management.

Featured Speaker

Extension Agent, Virginia Cooperative Extension
Matt Booher
Agriculture and Natural Resources Crop and Soil Sciences
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M.S.  2009     Agronomy- Forages.  Colorado State University.

B.S.   2004     Agronomy.  Pennsylvania State University.


2012-             Extension Agent.

2010-2012     Area Agronomist.  Rockingham Cooperative, VA.

2008-2010    Research Assistant.  Colorado State University, CO.

2004-2008    Field Representative.  Rockingham Cooperative, VA.

Resource Guides

These resources and more can be found on the Virginia Forage and Grassland Council's website:

Cool-Season Grass Hay and Pasture Herbicide Guide

Herbicides for Native Warm-Season Grasses

2023 Pest Management Guide for Field Crops


Additional Resources

American Forage and Grassland Council - Website

Native Warm-season Forage Resource Center - Website 

Weed ID and Management - Blog article, written by Matt Booher

Virginia Forage and Grassland Council - Website

Virginia Cooperative Extension - Natural Resources Website

West Virginia Pasture, Hay and Forage - Website

West Virginia Forage and Grassland Council - Website



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