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Everything But the Baa

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Sheep by product list and products made from sheep

If a student were asked to name 3 products that come from sheep, the answer would probably be something like this:

"Wool, lamb chops and leg of lamb"

And that answer would be completely right; but it is far from the whole story. The majority of sheep raised for processing in the United States are raised for meat purposes; while Australia holds the market on wool. Meat is an easy one - most students know what products are made from meat - leg of lamb, lamb chops, kabobs, rack of lamb and others. Wool gets a little more complicated - what do we use wool for? Depending on the quality it could be used for carpets, felt, clothing, fabric and many other things.

After that though, it starts getting really tricky. While meat and wool are the two products that readily come to mind, so much more of the sheep is used. There are products made from the hide, from the fat, from the manure and from the intestines that most don't realize have anything to do with sheep.

This fact sheet shows at least some of the products made from sheep and where they come from. It is a great visual for students to start learning about just how much agriculture impacts their daily lives through more than just the food on their plates and illustrates how we really do use everything but the baaaa! Listed below are links to the PDF of the sheet shown above as well as a PDF of a worksheet on Products from Sheep and the corresponding Answer Key. We hope that you find these resources helpful!

Everything but the baa sheep by product list and products made from sheep

Everything But the Baaa....Sheep Products (PDF)
Everything But the Baaa....Sheep Products Worksheet (PDF)
Everything But the Baaa....Sheep Products Answer Key (PDF)

Feel free to print and make copies as you need.

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