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The Knowledge Center Meets the Needs of Agriculturists Across the Footprint


As we kick off the start of a new calendar year, it seemed fitting to dive into or re-introduce the educational arm for Farm Credit of the Virginias also known as our Knowledge Center. Our association is unique in the fact, that we have an educational component for not only the member owners of our association but also for those who are not members; we have resources available for everyone!

You might be asking, what do these resources look like or how to I gain access or even attend an offering; to explain a little more, we are two-fold; both in person and online. Our in person education offerings feature materials, presentations and resources from an industry expert on a particular agriculture topic which are offered across our footprint throughout the calendar year. The online resources come to our audiences in the form of downloadable resources, infographics, activities, etc. to curriculums, templates as well as live or recorded offerings. Our team strives to meet our participants where they are most comfortable and in a manner that is most beneficial to them. We meet you where you are!

Explore the Knowledge Center

From business planning to risk management and advocacy to agritourism; we have a topic that pertains to just about every corner of agriculture that we see within our footprint. If you happen to notice that there is something missing from our bank of resources, please feel free to reach out to the team. We are here to help and to be a network agent for our audiences.

To stay in the know, we encourage you to sign up for our newsletters; and yes, that is plural, we have a producer and an educator focused newsletter that is deployed frequently. Of course, you will find that we are active on social media as well as make continuous updates to our tab on the Farm Credit of the Virginias website.

Our mission, to facilitate knowledge and resources for the betterment of ALL farmers and those interested in agriculture rings true with not only our team but with those that we collaborate with. As we quickly approach, our ten-year anniversary, we are grateful for the continued support and partnership of those who believe in and are a part of agriculture.

“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit because it will in the end contribute to the most real wealth, good morals and happiness. “ - Thomas Jefferson

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