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National Pollinator Week

Ag Facts & Infographics

When most people hear the word pollinators, they think bees and maybe butterflies. But in reality, many different animals can be pollinators including ants, bats, beetles, birds, flies, moths, wasps, bees, butterflies and others you may not even think of!

This week is National Pollinator Week, and is a great reminder of all the ways that pollinators help out. Did you know, according to the US Forest Service, pollinators are responsible for assisting over 80% of the world’s flowering plants to reproduce? And more than that, of the 1,400 crop plants grown around the world, that almost 80% require pollination by animals?

Regardless of if you are a homeowner or involved in agriculture in some way, we all play a part in caring for pollinators in many different ways. The US Forest Service has some great information and resources on pollinators that you can find here.

In addition, Virginia Cooperative Extension shared a page with links and information about pollinators.

What do you do (or want to start doing) to help pollinators?

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