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Safety First & Always

Agriculture Operations

“Safety first” is a phrase we have all heard in some way shape or form.  And on a farm, safety, and health, are extremely important for so many reasons…and should be a focus each and every day.  Agriculture is one of the most dangerous professions there is, but it is easy to get comfortable when things go smoothly, or it is something that has been done hundreds of time with no adverse effects.

That’s why, even though safety is important all the time, many organizations have teamed up to promote safety and health during National Farm Safety and Health Week.  This year, organizations across the country are asking that we “Shift Farm Safety into High Gear” as they focus on several aspects of farm safety and health including:

  • Tractor Safety and Rural Roadway Safety
  • Farmer Health and Opioid/Suicide Prevention
  • Safety and Health for Youth in Agriculture
  • Confined Spaces in Agriculture
  • Safety and Health for Women in Agriculture

From sharing the road so that vehicles and farm equipment can safely travel, to teaching children how to be safe as the learn, help and grow up on farms, to having conversations on how the opioid epidemic has impacted the agriculture community, farm safety and health in important for both those who live and work on farms as well as those who live, travel, or work in rural communities where those farms operate.

Both the Knowledge Center and Farm Credit of the Virginias will be sharing facts, webinars and other information through this week on our social media channels…starting with links to some great information and resources below:

Stay tuned for more throughout the week…and stay safe this week and every week!

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