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Word of The Year - Advocate

Agriculture Advocacy

Have you heard of the “Word of the Year”?  It’s a concept that has been replacing New Year’s resolutions for some people in recent years.  The thought is, rather than making a list of resolutions that may be challenging to keep, you pick one word to focus on for the year.  That word is supposed to help drive your intentions, your actions and your thoughts for the year.  It’s an interesting concept, and a pretty neat one if you are someone who has a hard time with a long list of “things to do better”. 
The challenge of the Word of the Year is that you have to pick one word.  Just one.  That can be difficult.  If we think about one word for the Knowledge Center, we can narrow it down to a few:

…and so we wanted to highlight each of these and how, as we move forward in 2019, they will be our focus. 

First up – Advocate.  Advocacy is a huge part of what we do.  In everything we do we try to help promote agriculture, and a part of that is advocating for the industry as a whole – to consumers, legislators, etc. – and helping those involved in agriculture to advocate as well.  For some, the thought of advocating can seem overwhelming:  Where do I start?  Who do I talk to?  How do I share?  What do I share?

We have shared some resources and thoughts in previous blog posts, but we realize that sometimes you need a quick reference…and so we created a “pocket guide” to advocacy.  This can be printed on something as small as a business card to place in your pocket or wallet, and has some simple reminders on do’s and don’ts for advocating as well as some interesting statistics to help out!  We hope you’ll find this helpful…and be on the lookout for more of our “words” throughout January!

You can click on the image below to download a PDF of this as well!

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