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Word of the Year: Educate


Welcome to the Farm Credit Knowledge Center Blog!  This blog is a combination of posts from industry experts, Knowledge Center staff and guest contributors covering all aspects of agriculture and life in the country.  We want you to participate in this blog, sharing your thoughts and comments about the topics posted here.

Word of the Year - Educate

We shared about the “Word of the Year” concept last week, which is essentially replacing New Year’s resolutions with a single word to focus on for the year.  And we tried, we really did, to narrow it down for the Knowledge Center…but only managed to get down to a list of 4 – there is just so much that we do (and we love!).  Those were:

  • Advocate
  • Educate
  • Resonate
  • Activate

…and last week we touched on Advocate.

Up next – Educate.  Education, like advocacy, is a significant focus of the Knowledge Center.  In fact, if we had to pick one “focus” it would be education – almost everything that we do falls into education in some way shape or form.  We share information about agriculture, information to help people get started in ag, information to help people do better in ag; our education can run the gamut.

We offer several “Annual Programs” which include:

Farm Management Institute:  A day long workshop focused on providing insights, materials, and techniques to help all types of producers enhance their growth and success in agriculture while providing networking opportunities.    These are held in the spring of each year – in fact registration is now open for both our Lexington, VA (scheduled for March 27, RSVP at and Clarksburg, WV (scheduled for March 28, RSVP at events!

Dairy Management Institute:  A benchmarking program designed to help dairymen assess the strengths and weakness of their dairy operation.  This is also held in the spring of each year – this year’s dates are April 2 in Rocky Mount, VA and April 3 in Dayton, VA.

Ag Biz Planner:  A program designed to help beginning or established farmers or agribusiness owners to get their business off the ground or enhance the success of an existing operation.  Participants work through online modules which discuss agriculture, market trends, and management skills with the end product being a business plan.  Applications for this program are generally due early July and the program begins in August and wraps up in January.

Ag Biz Basics:  A “lighter” version of Ag Biz Planner that is available to start any time.  Participants will walk away with basic financial documents for their business.

And we also offer timely workshops on a variety of topics.  This spring we will be holding an Online QuickBooks for Ag Course (to register for this, please visit which will offer both introductory and advanced information on using QuickBooks for agriculture operations as well as a “Graze and Gallop” Workshop Series that will help horse owners learn more about grazing and pasture management with a focus on health of both pastures and horses!

We are also in the planning stages for some other great workshops and series throughout 2019 including an agriculture technology series and more transition planning workshops – so be sure to check our website and social media for more information coming later!

Education is the Knowledge Center’s mission, and we are always looking for new ideas and ways to help agriculture and those who work in it.

We hope you can join us for one or more of our educational opportunities!

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