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Farm Management

Cash Flows, Budgets, Income Statements--Oh My!

Has a lender or investor ever asked you for your financial sheets and made you pause, search your memory, and really wished you had paid better attention in your business or finance class in college or high school, because you have no recollection on how to get those together?
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Word of the Year: Activate

We’re wrapping up the “Word of the Year”…and our list of 4 this week: Advocate Educate Resonate Activate We’ve covered Advocate, Educate, and Resonate… Now for Activate. We advocate for agriculture...
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Word of the Year: Resonate

We’ve covered Advocate and Educate…. Now we’re on to Resonate. As we advocate for agriculture, and help other to do the same, and as we work to educate people about agriculture, and about different practices in agriculture, resonate is always top of mind.
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Educator Resources

Everything But the Oink...

Yumm........Bacon! This is probably one of the first things that come to mind when people begin thinking about what comes from a pig - but the reality of it is that pigs are incredibly versatile...
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Young, Beginning, Small and Veteran Farmers

Congratulations, Graduates!

Countless hours. Dozens of pages and multiple versions of a business plan. 10 Modules. 5 Months. 2 days. 1 major accomplishment. These sum up the activities of our most recent Ag Biz Planner Program graduates.
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Word of the Year: Educate

We shared about the “Word of the Year” concept last week, which is essentially replacing New Year’s resolutions with a single word to focus on for the year. And we tried, we really did, to narrow it down for the Knowledge Center… but only managed to get down to a list of 4 – there is just so much that we do (and we love!).
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Agriculture Advocacy

Word of The Year - Advocate

Have you heard of the “Word of the Year”? It’s a concept that has been replacing New Year’s resolutions for some people in recent years. The thought is, rather than making a list of resolutions that...
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