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Are you currently developing your agriculture marketing strategy or revamping an old one?  This portal will provide you with an overview of marketing strategies that work best for your business.  This portal contains:

  • Interviews with producers covering marketing strategies
  • Educational videos from experts in the field of marketing and communications
  • Access to a guidebook on marketing strategies which includes stories from farmers and ranchers that use them
  • Link to marketing resources covering multiple topics:
    • Wholesale and direct marketing
    • Value-added
    • Fruit, vegetable and livestock products

Producer Interviews

Listen to three recorded interviews with producers on their marketing strategies.

Educational Videos

We've compiled our best educational videos on the topic of marketing in agriculture presented by specialists in their field. 

  • Ginger Myers speaks on the power of social media as part of a marketing strategy
  • Michele Walfred covers the different social media platforms that are currently available
  • Hear from the owners/operators of Spring Valley Farm and Orchard, WV and Old Rich Valley Farm, VA on their success with direct marketing
  • Tiffany Cruickshank provides insight into using social media as a marketing strategy and for social engagement

Use the drop-down arrow in the upper left-hand corner to choose a video.



Further Reading

Marketing Strategies for Farmers and Ranchers - PDF Guidebook - Published by the Sustainable Agriculture Network

Marketing Resources - Cornell Cooperative Extension


Marketing Your Business - Marketing advice and behind-the-scenes interviews

  • Suggested episodes:
    • What to do when you don’t like what you’re doing
    • 3 ways to drive more consumption of your content