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Risk Management

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Risk Management

Review these resources to learn more about useful risk management tools to add to your toolbox:

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Farm Credit of the Virginias can help you to manage your risk.

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2023 Crop Insurance Closing Dates

Download date sheet

Fact Sheets - All Commodities

National Fact Sheets - USDA

Non-Insured Crop Disaster Assistance Program

Download information sheet

Reputable Resource Links

Crop Insurance in America -

USDA Risk Management Agency -

Blog Articles

Blog - Livestock Risk Protection for Cattle

Blog - Head into Planting with Strong Risk Management

USDA Resources

Manage your Farm Risk - For farmers and ranchers

Risk Management Strategies 

Government Programs & Risk - Major Risk Management Programs

Livestock Insurance Plans

USDA - Department of Agriculture - Risk Management Agency

Risk Management Checklist

Click here to visit the USDA's Risk Management Checklist. You can print the checklist and work through the questions.

Guide to Using the Risk Management Checklist

Click here for a question-by-question user's guide to the USDA's Risk Management Checklist. Created by Penn State.


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