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Farm Transition Planning

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Farm Transition Planning

In the next 15 years, many farms across the country will transition from one generation to the next. How that transition happens could be the difference between a farm continuing successfully, or not continuing at all. That is why farm transition and succession planning is so important, and why we completed an entire video series of experts covering different aspects of transition and succession.

The series of videos covers: 

  • What is Transition Planning? - Dr. Alex White, Virginia Tech
  • Tax Considerations - Dr. Kantrovich, Clemson University
  • Personalities and Team Work - Greta Halahan
  • Goals - Dr. Megan Seibel
  • Business Arrangements - Jesse Richardson, West Virginia University
  • Business Entities - Dr. Paige Pratt
  • Non Farm vs. Farm Involvement - Stefanie Kitchen, Virginia Farm Bureau
  • Profitability - Dr. Doolarie Singh-Knights, West Virginia University
  • Estate Planning - David Marrison, Ohio State University
  • Retirement - Dr. Travis Mountain, Virginia Tech
  • Transition - Dr. Alex White, Virginia Tech
  • Transition Timeline - Dr. Alex White, Virginia Tech

Watch the series of 12 videos below.  Use the drop-down menu in the upper left corner to move between different topics.


Farm Transition Planning Resource Guide
Click to download the two-page guide for Farm Transition Planning
Farm Transition Planning Workbook

Are you ready to begin planning?  Request a copy of the Farm Transition Planning Workbook today!  Contact your Farm Credit of Virginias loan officer for more information.

image showing cover of farm transition planning workbook

Additional Resources

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Planning the Future of your Farm - Downloadable Workbook from Virginia Cooperative Extension