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The 2021 director election ballots have been tabulated and are available HERE. Please watch for the January Leader for director bios.



Farm Management Institute

Knowledge Center Webinars
9-10:30am EST

Agriculture Today: It Is What It Is… 
What Should We Do About It?
The agricultural economic downturn is in the seventh year and counting. Most in the industry are facing razor thin margins combined with increased volatility in the economic environment. This results in massive changes in the structure of agriculture and rural communities. Tune in for our virtual Farm Management Institute to discuss the following:

-What is the state of the trade agreements and the short and long-term implications to the bottom line?

-Where are interest rates, land values, and trends leading the industry?

-How can one adjust strategies and tactics to cope and survive in this environment?

One must have the business intelligence and street smarts to be successful. This session will discuss the assessment of management IQ that often places one in the top third or bottom third of profitability. We will discuss the financial and business management characteristics that one must focus on in planning, strategizing, executing and monitoring for 2021 and beyond.

FMI Guest Speaker Revealed!

We are proud to announce that Jay Hill will be our guest speaker for our FMI Coffee Chat being held on March 10th from 10-11:30 a.m. EST.

Jay Hill is well-known for his podcast “Out Here in the Middle” and popular amongst thousands of followers on Instagram @HillJay45.

Jay will join us to share how he and his operation got started, where he is today, future goals, and how he used his experiences to advocate for an industry that he is so passionate about.

You won’t want to miss the opportunity to engage with Jay and to hear his motivational story.

All registered participants will receive links to join both days.



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