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Flood and Drought – Understanding Precipitation Extremes in the Mid-Atlantic

Knowledge Center Webinars
9-10am EST

Join us as we welcome Eric Snodgrass, Principal Atmospheric Scientist for Flood and Drought: Understanding Precipitation Extremes in the Mid-Atlantic

One of the largest drivers of yield variability is the timing and amount of precipitation. Predicting precipitation patterns – especially on seasonal time scales – remains one of the largest areas of atmospheric science research over the last 50 years. Flash flooding from microbursts, training thunderstorms, tropical cyclones, and stationary fronts can deliver months’ worth of rain in hours while flash drought can bake the soil and raise evaporation rates stressing crops in the middle of a growing season. Are there precursors to events like these? What do meteorologists watch for when the risk for flash flood or flash drought are elevated? What are the weather patterns that lead toward long-duration drought? In this talk, we will tackle these questions and showcase resources growers can use to anticipate and monitor extremes in precipitation. We will discuss forecasting tools that can warn us of upcoming impactful precipitation events and we will learn how to use these tools to plan operations.

Come prepared to dive into the science of weather prediction!


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