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QuickBooks Online for Agriculture

Knowledge Center Webinars
11:30am-1:15pm EDT
QuickBooks Online for Agriculture - Robert Goodling, Penn State

A 3-Part Series for Learning the Online Version of QuickBooks

Have you been considering using QuickBooks online for your operation but didn't know where to start?  This 3-part series will answer many questions about the use of the software for agriculture.  Rob Goodling will be starting from the beginner's perspective with software overview, its use for ag operations, and what is needed for set-up in Session #1.  During Session #2 Rob will be demonstrating how to set up your operation using files and accounts, how to add customers and vendors, and day to day transactions.  Session #3 will cover a deeper dive into the software to include overview of taxes, reports and custom reports.  

Great for Beginners!  No experience needed.  Also good for those needing a refresher or to learn more about software capabilities.  Registering for all three sessions is recommended. Space is limited.

Session #1

August 18, 2020 

11:30am-1:15pm EDT

Registration Required:

Topics Covered

-QuickBooks Online introduction

-Software vs. web-based

-Overview of software

-How it can be used for agriculture

-How to begin setting up QuickBooks

-Information needed to begin setup

Session #2

August 25, 2020 

11:30am-1:15pm EDT

Registration Required:

Topics Covered

-QuickBooks setup for ag

-Setting up files and accounts

-Adding customers and vendors

-Day to day transactions

-Bills and receipts

Session #3

September 1, 2020 

11:30am-1:15pm EDT

Registration Required:

Topics Covered

-A deeper dive into the software

-Payroll option overview

-Tax overview

-Reports (beyond basics, customizing, editing standard reports)(cash vs. accrual toggle)

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