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2023 Election Results

2023 Election Results


We are pleased to announce the Farm Credit of the Virginias Board of Directors and Nominating Committee election results. Three candidates were elected to the Board of Directors and eight candidates were elected to the Nominating Committee. 

Congratulations to the following:

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (each to serve 4-year terms)

Seat 4 Charles (Chuck) E. Horn, Jr..                    

Seat 5 Charles B. Leech, IV

Seat 11 Caitlin M. Bailey

NOMINATING COMMITTEE (each to serve 1-year terms)

Seat 1                                                       

Benjamin Gray Smith

Stephen (Steve) E. Mayes

Dennis M. Virts (alternate)

Seat 3

Craig J. Bailey

Daniel Martin King

Richard (Dickie) J. Morris (alternate)         

Seat 7

Terry E. Winkle *

James Leeland Gardner, Jr.

Levi Steven Cox (alternate)


*Unfortunately, we are sad to report that Mr. Winkle passed away November 2, 2023. In accordance with our bylaws, “In the event a member of the nominating committee is unable or unwilling to serve, the alternate from the Nominating Region to which the vacancy relates shall become a member of the nominating committee”. Mr. Cox will serve as a member of the 2024 Nominating Committee.


Seat 8

Jeremy James Harmon

Nathan Andrew Aker

James (Jimmy) H. Durham (alternate)