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Ag Business Courses

Agribusiness courses designed for young, beginning and small farmers.

online agriculture education and ag courses to build agribusiness image

The Farm Credit Knowledge Center offers two e-learning courses for those interested in:

  • Launching a new agribusiness
  • Growing your business
  • Managing a business
  • Transitioning to the next generation

Agribusiness courses were developed by Dr. Dave Kohl, Professor Emeritus of Virginia Tech and are designed for young, beginning and small farmers and agribusinesses. 

Ag Biz Basics
  • Available year-round.
  • A flexible program for new, expanding or transitioning agricultural businesses.
  • Work with your lender and be successful in your business.
  • Learn cash flow planning.
  • Establish written goals, personal and business balance sheets, and income statements

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Ag Biz Planner


  • The annual program has two start times: May and August. The program runs for 5-6 months.
  • There is an application and acceptance process. 
  • The program is taught by Farm Credit University but administered by the Knowledge Center.
  • Participants must be young, beginning, small, minority, or veteran farmers looking to expand, add or explore their agriculture business or add an enterprise.

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Planning to Borrow?

You may have reached a point in your agribusiness where you need some financial support in the form of a loan. Before you go to the bank, gather the information that will show your lender that you're creditworthy and a good borrowing candidate.

Loan Application Process

Agricultural Lending Basics

Resource Guide Planning to Borrow Guide Sheet