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Educator Resources

Welcome to the Ag Educator Resources section of the Knowledge Center.  We've provided a variety of resources to help formal and non-formal ag educators share the agricultural story with children, youth, and adults in a variety of ways!

Planning to Succeed Curriculum

The Planning to Succeed Curriculum is a financial awareness and preparedness curriculum aimed toward Ag Business classes and Economics and Personal Finance classes. If you are interested in learning more or to see if the curriculum is currently available in your area, please contact Sarah Scyphers at

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Ag Teaching Materials

Browse our teaching materials which include teaching articles with infographics, teacher resource links, printables and more! 

To access our Everything But The...series, click on Animal Science!

Animal Science

Everything but the...Series

This series contains infographics and student worksheets covering the topics of by-products and products that come from cows, pigs, sheep, goats and chickens.

Ag Coloring Sheets



Plant Science

Life Cycle

General Commodity

Ag in Foods

Natural Resources

Soil Erosion


Honey Bees


"Ag-Vocacy" (Agriculture Advocacy)

Soft Skills

Careers in Agriculture 2020-2025 Outlook

Additional Resources

Youth in Ag

Careers in Agriculture Booklets and Presentations

Looking to assist students in the exploration of careers in agriculture?  We have state-specific booklets and accompanying PowerPoint presentations that include top ag careers, higher education institutions with ag programs, sample resume template, infographics on how to dress for success and handshake etiquette.

Careers in Agriculture Booklets and Presentations


West Virginia


The One-Page Business Plan

Having a written plan continues to be one of the most important tools for any business.  Introduce students to a One-Page Business Plan!  Our booklet, with accompanying PowerPoint presentation, covers the topic of what a business plan is, One-Page Business Plan template instructions, how to complete a 5-line Income Statement and a 7-line Budget.  

One-Page Business Plan Booklet and Presentation

One-Page Business Plan Booklet

One-Page Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation

Advocating for Agriculture - "Ag-vocating"

Being a voice for agriculture is more important than ever, and so is learning how to do this effectively.  Introduce students to advocacy with our booklet and accompanying presentation that covers how to advocate, how to tell your "story", fact gathering and how to put it all together.  This booklet prepares students for conversations with legislative leaders.  

Advocacy Booklet and Presentation

Ag-vocacy Booklet

Ag-vocacy PowerPoint Presentation

Looking for additional resources for classroom ag literacy?

Browse the Knowledge Center AgHub for on-demand learning.