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Construction Loans

Ready to build your dream home in the country?

If so, let us be your guide. Construction projects and home renovations can be overwhelming, but the financing doesn't have to be. Our team understands the needs associated with rural real estate, including non-conforming properties, extra acreage and additional buildings.

Our construction financing packages offer:

  • Construction financing on homes (including stick built, modular or log homes) and additions or renovations to existing residence
  • 12-month interest-only construction periods with timely disbursements and inspections
  • One-time close, fixed rate loans, up to 30 years with no additional costs or fees
  • Favorable fixed, long-term interest rates
  • Financing for unique properties with an unconventional heat and water source or outbuildings
  • One loan for construction and land, meaning one interest rate and one closing, saving thousands in settlement fees
  • Allowances for owner and self-builds
  • Additional financing available for barn and farm building projects

Resources to Help Ease Your Build

Getting Started: Questions Your Farm Credit Lender is Likely to Ask

Whether you've recently purchased property or you've got your sights set on a parcel of land, it is never too early to start thinking about building your dream home. Regardless of the timeline on your build, there are important questions your lender is likely to ask that you’ll want to be prepared to answer. Access the print resource HERE or view the video below.


Getting Started: Construction Financing Terms and Jargon

Preparing to embark on your build? If you're new to the process, access and print our Construction Financing Glossary of Terms to have handy while working with your loan officer and conducting online research. This resource will help you keep all the terms and jargon straight while planning for your build and acquiring financing. And don't worry, we left room for notes!  

Application: Home Construction Loan Application Checklist 

Applying for a loan can be intimidating. We want to make the process as painless as possible, so we've created the application document checklist to help you kick-off conversations with your lender and gather the necessary documentation required for a Farm Credit construction loan.

Planning: Selecting the Best General Contractor for the Job

A key decision homebuilders must make in the planning stage of their build is selecting the best general contractor for the job. It is vital to have a good contractor on your team, and Farm Credit can help with that too. Access the following resource to help you decide on the right contractor for your project. You’ll want to have it on hand as you interview potential contractors for your dream home.

Access More Resources

Want more? Complete the form below to receive resources straight to your inbox that are geared toward getting you up-to-speed on the home construction process and financing your build with Farm Credit. Or, request to talk to a loan officer today.

Questions and concerns

Need clarity on rates & terms for your loan package? We’ve got you covered.

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