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Animal By-Products Lessons

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Are you looking for a complete set of animal by-products lessons?  We have just what you need! We recently renovated one of our most popular resources, “Everything But the….”

This series highlights five different livestock animals and their accompanying by-products. You will have access to engaging infographics, videos, accompanying student worksheets, and interactive lessons!  Student worksheets are geared toward K-6th.  The informational infographics and most of the interactive activities can be used for students in grades K-12. We are confident they will fit into your lesson planning at any grade level.

Access The Set Of Lessons 

We encourage you to view the other teaching resources that are available as well as our ag facts and infographics.  We also have a blog where you will find a multitude of articles that can be used as lessons, most of which have infographics.  Many of our blog articles are added to moodle and google classroom.

Animal by-product lessons include:

  • Cattle - Everything But the Moo
  • Pigs - Everything But the Oink
  • Sheep - Everything But the Baa
  • Poultry - Everything But the Cluck
  • Goats - Everything But the Bleat

Everything But The Animal By-Product Lessons

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