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Everything But the Moo By-Products From Cattle

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Steaks, hamburgers and pot roast...when most students start thinking about by-products from cattle, these probably come to mind fairly easily. It’s probably fairly safe to say that most would also tell you that milk, and maybe even leather come from cattle.

But what if you gave them the following list:

How many of the items above would most students recognize as coming from cattle? Probably not many, if any at all. But the truth is, all of the products listed above can have cattle by-products in them.

Want to learn more about by-products from cattle? Check out our Everything But the Moo infographic, video, worksheet, and activities! It is a great visual for students to start learning about just how much agriculture impacts their daily lives through more than just the food on their plates and illustrates how we really do use everything but the moooo!

everything but the moo by-products from cattle

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