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Heart of the Summer-Produce


As we come into the heart of the summer, we also are in the heart of farmer’s production of produce. Did you know the nutritional value of farmer’s market produce is often higher than grocery store produce because farmers usually pick it just a few days prior to selling at the market? This means more valuable nutrients for you and your family combined with your support of local farms. In case you have not taken advantage of a local farmer’s market in your area, we wanted to share some benefits of farmers markets:

  • They help support local economies
  • They help support local farmers
  • They promote healthy communities
  • They increase access to nutritious food
  • They are a great way to learn more about agriculture and growing food
  • They provide opportunities to try new and different produce
  • They are so much more than just fruits and veggies!
  • They are the epitome of “eat local”
  • They are a great way to make a personal connection to the people who grow food
  • They are fun to explore!

Farmers markets are great for producers and consumers! Want to know how you can find a farmers market in your area?

In Virginia visit: for some great information on where local farmers markets can be found, tips for shopping at farmers markets, seasonality of different foods and more.

In West Virginia, you can find local markets by visiting

In Maryland:

And if you are a producers who would like to sell at a farmers market, or start one, check out (West Virginia) or (Virginia) for some great information and resources!

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