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Milk, Nature's Perfect Drink

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Milk is often referred to as nature’s perfect drink.  Boasting nine essential nutrients milk has a complete panel of nutrition for any age person.  To make it even better the ingredient list on a gallon of milk only contains two things; Milk and Vitamin D.  This naturally perfect drink is just that, naturally perfect! 

Many Americans have a diet that is lacking in four main nutrients.  Calcium, Potassium, Vitamin D and Fiber.  Milk provided three of these nutrients and when consumed with a whole grain cereal can provide all four at one time.  In addition to 8 grams of Protein per serving milk provides the following nutrients:

  • Calcium (25% DV): Helps build and maintain strong bones and teeth
  • Riboflavin (35% DV): Supports body growth, red blood cell production and metabolism
  • Phosphorus (20% DV): Strengthens bones
  • Vitamin D (15% DV): Helps promote the absorption of calcium
  • Pantothenic Acid (20% DV): Helps convert food into energy
  • Potassium (8% DV): Regulates fluid balance and helps maintain normal blood pressure
  • Vitamin A (15% DV): Promotes good vision and healthy skin
  • Niacin (10% DV): Promotes proper circulation

At less than 25 cents per serving milk is also an incredible value for the entire family.  Milk provides energy and nutrients for growing kids, helps maintain strong bones in elderly and is the perfect compact nutrient source to keep working adults healthy.  Studies show that drinking milk regularly can reduce the risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes and contribute to a healthier cardiovascular system. 

June is Dairy Month where we celebrate all the good that dairy provides.  Family dairy farms contribute significantly to the local economy, providing jobs and injecting capital to local businesses.  They also provide ecosystem services, such as bird habitat, carbon sequestration, and organic fertilizers.  As we reach the middle of June, raise a glass of milk, slurp a rich milkshake or taste some yogurt and salute the local dairy farms in our community.

Dairy farms really do provide Natures Perfect Drink for any age person.

Download a PDF version of the infographic.


Jeremy Daubert, Dairy Agent

Central Shenandoah Valley Dairy Extension

Virginia Cooperative Extension


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