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Parts of a Tree

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The parts of a tree play important roles in tree growth and development.

Download a PDF version of the Parts of a Tree infographic.

Parts of a Tree Infographics

Parts of a Tree

  • Crown (Canopy)- Made up of branches and leaves or needles.
    • Leaves- The leaf surface takes in carbon from the air. Carbon is the main source of food for the tree.
  • Trunk- All branches grow out from the trunk. The trunk contains a network of tubes that allow the flow of nutrients from the roots to the leaves.
    • The trunk is made up of 5 layers:
      • Outer Bark- Protects the inner bark and is made up of inactive cells.
      • Inner Bark- Carries the food made in the leaves down to the cambium.
      • Sapwood- Carries food and water upward.
      • Cambium- This growing layer is made up of cells that divide to make both bark and wood.
      • Heartwood- This section of the truck is made up of inactive cells which add structural support to the tree.
    • Roots- Roots anchor the tree in the ground. They also intake water and minerals from the soil to make food. Roots can spread to an area twice the height of the tree.



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