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Wood Ridge Farm Brewery (Nelson County, VA)

Ag & Culture Video Series

Customer Feature Stories

Wood Ridge Farm Brewery in Nelson County, VA serves up a rotating list of craft beers brewed on-site. The grains are grown in the fields surrounding the brewery, and prepared in the custom malt house and roasting operation on the property, even the spring water used for brewing originates on the farm. Wood Ridge Farm Brewery is proud to stay true to the farm and true to its’ local values.

In the Ag & Culture video featuring Wood Ridge Farm Brewery, owner, Barry Wood, divulges his meticulous process for brewing, “From Dirt to Glass” and shares the secret to his success lies within his ingenuity, perseverance, and passion.

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About the Ag & Culture Video Series

The Ag & Culture video series provides viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of farming in our footprint. The videos are intended to share the stories of the hard working farm families that make up the agriculture industry, in addition to shedding light on a given commodity or hot topic in agriculture, like conservation, agricultural technology advances, etc. The individuals featured in the series are not only strong advocates for agriculture and engaged rural community members, but also Farm Credit customer-owners. Each producer featured in the series leverages Farm Credit’s cooperative structure and flexible financing to meet their operational goals.

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