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Farm Credit of the Virginias recently determined that there was a ballot mailing list error related to the 2021 Board of Directors and nominating committee election. As a result, the ballots for this election sent to the eligible voting stockholders on October 12, 2021, must be resent to the entirety of the mailing list, and all of the votes must be recast. New ballots will be mailed to all voting stockholders on or about November 19, 2021, and voting stockholders should be on the lookout for a new replacement ballot in the mail. Click here to view the entire notice to stockholders.



Animal By Products Lessons

Education & Teaching Materials

Are you looking for a complete set of lessons covering the products made from animal by-products?  We have just what you need.  

We have a set of lessons in the form of engaging infographics, accompanying student worksheets and answer keys!  Student worksheets are geared toward K-6th.  The informational infographics can be used for students in grades K-12. We are confident they will fit into your lesson planning at any grade level.

Please click here to access the set of lessons.  We encourage you to view the other teaching resources that are available as well as our ag facts and infographics.  We also have a blog where you will find a multitude of articles that can be used as lessons, most of which have infographics.  Many of our blog articles are added to moodle and google classroom.

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