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Farm Credit EXPRESS

Buying equipment? Consider Farm Credit EXPRESS

You can get a Farm Credit loan or lease right at the dealership and still get discounts for paying cash with our Farm Credit EXPRESS program. Your loan stays local. You'll get the same local service and annual patronage refund as if you got the loan from one of our branch offices. 

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When you're preparing to buy a tractor, excavator or loader, the first question you might ask is: "Do I buy new or used?" There are benefits to both, and while the answer depends on your own operational goals, we've outlined some guidelines to help you decide.

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Still have questions? Get the rundown on everything you need to know about Farm Credit Express financing, from the pros and cons of alternative financing methods, such as paying cash and dealer/manufacturer provided loans, to the benefits of Farm Credit EXPRESS leasing options.

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"The step-by-step process for the Farm Credit Express financing was to provide our information, pick out the tractor we wanted and sign the paperwork. Our overall experience was very positive. I'd recommend it to anyone."

Scott Sink, Hethwood Market (Blacksburg, VA)