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New Member Frequently Asked Questions

New Member Frequently Asked Questions

Review the list of commonly asked questions below. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us to share your questions and a team member will be in touch to answer your questions. 

What is Digital Banking?

Digital Banking with Farm Credit of the Virginias offers secure, convenient, 24/7 access to your Farm Credit loan accounts through our website. Withdraw funds, schedule a loan payment, view tax documents and more, whenever you need to and wherever you are.

How do I enroll in Digital Banking?

View our Digital Banking Registration Guide to help you set up your online account. You may also contact our Digital Banking Customer Service hotline at 540-347-3348 or for additional help.

Can I access my accounts from my mobile phone with Digital Banking?

After you are signed up for Digital Banking, download our free app - Farm Credit Virginias Mobile - from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to access your account from your mobile phone or other device on the go.

How do I reset my Digital Banking password?

Follow the instructions in our Digital Banking Registration Guide to reset your password.

What tax info is available in Digital Banking?

You may view and print 1098 and 1099 tax documents through your Digital Banking portal.

Can I make loan payments using a debit card or credit card?

Loan payments can be made via cash or check at your branch location or mailed to our processing center with your payment coupon. You can also enroll in online banking with Digital Banking and make your payments online or sign up for AutoDraft to have your payment automatically drafted from your choice of accounts. To sign up for AutoDraft, call your branch office to speak with one of our business service specialists.

How do I participate in board elections?

Customer-owners holding stock are eligible to vote in annual board elections, which take place each fall following the annual meeting. Each eligible voting stockholder is mailed a ballot with a mail-in or electronic voting option. Voting stockholders are entitled to one vote regardless of the number of loans they may have.

Why am I required to own stock in Farm Credit?

Farm Credit is a cooperative, which means that when you borrow money from the association and purchase stock, you become a member-owner. Your membership to our cooperative is acquired through a stock purchase, which can be included in your loan closing fees. The maximum stock requirement is 2% of your loan amount, up to $1,000.00. Your stock holds your membership and grants you the opportunity to vote for our Board of Directors, as well as the benefit of receiving annual cash dividends in the form of patronage. Your stock purchase is refunded after your loans have been paid in full.

What is patronage?

Patronage is one of the many benefits of doing business the cooperative way. A patronage refund, or cash dividend, is our way of distributing the association's income with our customer-owners. A member's total patronage refund is based on the proportion of interest earned on his or her loan to the total interest earned by the association. Simply put, a patronage return is a refund of a percentage of the interest you paid on your loan. Patronage effectively lowers your cost of borrowing and reduces your overall interest rate. Learn more about our patronage dividend program HERE.

When do I receive my patronage check?

Patronage checks are mailed on or around April 15. You can expect your check in your mailbox shortly thereafter.

Is my patronage dividend taxable income?

Farm Credit of the Virginias will provide a 1099 non-wage income form each year that you receive a patronage dividend from the association.

How do I draw funds from my revolving line of credit (RLOC)?

The easiest way to have money drawn from your RLOC is to sign up for FastCash, allowing the association to transfer funds directly to your bank account. FastCash requests may also be made online with Digital Banking. If you call by 3 PM, the funds will be available the next business day. If your call is received after 3 PM, processing will begin the next business day, with the receipt of funds to occur the subsequent business day after processing. Without Digital Banking, you may draw money from your RLOC by calling the branch office to request a check or wire. If you would like a check or wire to be made to an individual or business other than yourself, a Check/Wire Disbursement Authorization Form must be signed. If you are interested in signing up for FastCash, call your branch office to speak with one of our friendly business service specialists.

What is the Farm Credit Knowledge Center?

The Farm Credit Knowledge Center team works to provide educational resources and programming to individuals interested in agriculture and rural living. They are the educational arm of Farm Credit of the Virginias. The Farm Credit Knowledge Center offers resources and in-person and virtual events to meet the needs of today's producers and educators. The mission of the Knowledge Center is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and resources among all individuals interested in agriculture. Click HERE to learn more about the Farm Credit Knowledge Center.