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My Little Greenhouse

Educator Resources

Kids of all ages will enjoy learning about the plant life cycle with the My Little Greenhouse activity. The hands-on activity comes with a student’s My Little Greenhouse cut-out sheet and activity instructions. The activity is only 5-10 minutes in length or can be increased to 10-30 minutes if incorporating a lesson on the plant life cycle. 

The My Little Greenhouse activity is appropriate for a classroom setting, 4-H meeting or community event. Materials to complete the seed growing greenhouse are minimal in cost and can be sorted and prepared beforehand, making student distribution easier.

Want to combine the activity with a lesson on the plant life cycle?  Visit our blog titled Life Cycle of a Plant for an informational article covering everything from seed to pollination, plants and agriculture, parts of a flower, stages of seed germination and of course, fun facts! You’ll also find our super popular Life Cycle of a Plant Infographic!

The My Little Greenhouse and Life Cycle of a Plant are great additions to any classroom curriculum or 4-H meeting.

Download a PDF version of the activity.

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