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A Focus on Well-being

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We realize there are stressors involved with agriculture some of which are out of our control.  Farmers deal with weather, fluctuating market prices, production and a multitude of unwitnessed challenges.

This portal offers you an assortment of valuable resources to provide support.

  • An educational video covering farm stress in agriculture
  • Access to Farm Credit's Rural Resilience training
  • Access to multiple relevant materials

This portal provides a mix of resources providing education and support focusing on the well-being of individuals involved in the agriculture industry.  This portal is appropriate for anyone interested in learning more about the topic.

Educational Video

Listen to Dr. Amy Johnson as she discusses the topic of stress in agriculture.  Become familiar with common causes of stress, how to recognize symptoms of stress and available resources on the topic.


Further Reading

A Focus on Well-Being Resource Guide - PDF with active links to resources

focus on well-being resource guide
Rural Resilience Training

Farm Credit training focused on mental health and stress management. 

Additional Resources

Rural Mental Health - West Virginia Extension Service

Explore the Rural Health Information Hub for events, news, resources, videos and more!

Visit Make It Ok for interactive tools exploring different aspects of mental health:

Access quick and available support for any crisis:

#FarmStateofMind - A directory of resources developed by the Farm Bureau Federation


Ag State of Mind-Creating a place where we can help break the stigma regarding mental health in agriculture

Motion Graphic on Mental Health



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