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Farm Safety for Youth

Approximately 1.5 million children under the age of 20 live, work, or have a regular presence on farms in the United States ( We realize the importance of keeping those youth safe in their agricultural settings. Utilize resources to develop practices for on-the-farm safety.

This portal offers 

  • Educational videos covering youth farm safety
  • Informational charts listing:
    • Age characteristics
    • Key farm dangers
    • Appropriate rules
    • Supervision suggestions
  • ATV Safety
  • Access to multiple relevant resources

This portal provides a mix of resources providing education and support focusing on the safety of youth involved in the agriculture industry.  This portal is appropriate for anyone interested in learning more about the topic.

Educational Videos

Listen to Dr. Amy Johnson as she speaks on the topic of farm safety for kids.  Dr. Johnson covers common farm injuries, how to prevent them, and resources to use.

Listen to Brian Sparks with West Virginia Extension Service as he discusses the Top 5 Farm Hazards and What to do Instead and an overview of Keeping Youth Safe on the Farm.


Download the infographic! Scroll down to the Educator Tools section for student activities that accompany the infographic.

Top 5 Farm Hazards for Youth and What to Do Instead Infographic

Educator Tools - Farm Safety Activities for Youth

Youth Farm Safety Infographic Activity        Worksheet - Fill in the blank, word bank included

Youth Farm Safety Crossword Puzzle and Puzzle Key

Youth Farm Safety Word Search and Answer Key

Further Reading

Vanderbilt Health - Keeping children safe on the farm - blog article

ATV Safety

ATV Safety Institute (ASI) 

Consumer Product Safety Commission (OHV and ATV Safety)

Additional Resources

National Ag Safety Database - Charts on youth development as it relates to farm hazards and appropriate expectations

UVM Extension - Youth farm safety resources by category

National Safety Council - Child Safety on the Farm

The Childhood Agricultural Safety Network (CASN) is a coalition of organizations that work together to help keep children safe on the farm - Cultivating safety on the farm through online tools

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Knowledge Center Education Portal

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Youth in Ag

Find more information for youth involved in or wanting to get started in agriculture.  Get connected to youth organizations and Knowledge Center resources focused around youth projects.

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