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Ag Facts & Infographics

National Pollinator Week

When most people hear the word pollinators, they think bees and maybe butterflies.
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Education & Teaching Materials

Everything But the Moo...

Everything But the Moo... Steaks, hamburgers and pot roast...when most students start thinking about what comes from a cow, these probably come to mind fairly easily. Its probably fairly safe to say...
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Education & Teaching Materials

Everything But the Baa...

Everything But the Baaa.... If a student were asked to name 3 products that come from sheep, the answer would probably be something like this: "Wool, lamb chops and leg of lamb" And that answer would...
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Farming & Rural Living

Dairy & Dads... June is a Great Month

What are the qualities that you look for most in a leader? Who do you know that exemplifies gravitas? I was reading a book on the topic to prepare to teach a workshop, and the two questions took over my thoughts.
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Young, Beginning, Small and Veteran Farmers

Electronic Record-Keeping Book for 4-H

Oh record books. If you are, or were a 4-H member..or parent, we're sure that you know what we mean. While a necessary part of the whole 4-H project experience, they often get set aside until after...
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Ag Facts & Infographics

We're "Berry" Excited for National Strawberry Month

Did you know there are an average of 200 seeds per strawberry? Or that (according to botanists) strawberries are not really berries at all, but rather are a member of the rose family?
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Agriculture Operations

American Craft Beer Week

Craft beer in the United States has taken off in the past several years – in fact, there were 4,131 breweries in America in 1873, which was the largest number of breweries that the country saw until 2015.
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Ag Resources

Farming is Tough, But Help is Available

In recognition of May as Mental Health Month, American Farm Bureau collaborated with Morning Consult on a research poll to learn about factors that affect rural adults' and farmers'/farmworkers' mental health.
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Animal Agriculture

May Is Beef Month

Brace yourself... May is just 2 days away! The first few months of this year seem to have flown by, but since May is one of our favorite months, we are trying to adjust! Why is it one of our favorite months? Because it's National Beef Month!
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Ag Consumers

Every Day Is Earth Day When You Work in Ag

In case you haven't heard yet, it's Earth Day, which is celebrated annually on April 22nd. This day was designed to allow groups, organizations and individuals to show support for environmental protection...
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